Saturday, August 30, 2014


On a recent research trip to the Verkhnekolymsky Region is Russia (click here to see where I went) to find a cure for turning hipsters into MEN, I was driving in a 4WD negotiating a glacial fold; it was getting quite rough. I was in the moment, you know, MANING UP, gritting my teeth and fighting this beast called Hilux, when it dawned on me something was missing. It was this:


Play the song. If you are a MAN (or a lady who likes manly stuff), PLAY THIS SONG! NOW!

Anyway, as I was saying, a theme song was missing from this epic moment, of MACHINERY and MAN battling nature. I was bummed.

So it's inevitable that a MAN needs some sort of musical implement that can play said song (and others like it) and so here we have ROQBLOQ's version of a MAN SPEAKER. It has Bluetooth, a rugged exterior AND it looks like it should be in Chernobyl somewhere testing for radiation:

Interestingly, it only goes down to 150Hz; we would have to assume this is designed especially this way to prevent avalanches. 

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