Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Telling time, MAN STYLE!

The other day I looked down at my wrist to see what time it was and to my own surprise, I realised I wasn't wearing a watch. It could have been that I was at a karate lesson with Chuck Norris where no jewellery or watches were allowed, but I digress. You need a watch. REAL MEN need a watch. Of course different occasions require different watches, but the real question is which watch is a good 'all-rounder' for a MAN. I present you this:


Made of STAINLESS STEEL and LEATHER, this is THE WATCH for a MAN. It seems to have a low surface area for glass, which of course is ideal if you're wrestling with a crocodile or alligator, depending on your continent. 

WARNING: The band is thick and leathery; NOT TO BE WORN to a business meeting.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


On a recent research trip to the Verkhnekolymsky Region is Russia (click here to see where I went) to find a cure for turning hipsters into MEN, I was driving in a 4WD negotiating a glacial fold; it was getting quite rough. I was in the moment, you know, MANING UP, gritting my teeth and fighting this beast called Hilux, when it dawned on me something was missing. It was this:


Play the song. If you are a MAN (or a lady who likes manly stuff), PLAY THIS SONG! NOW!

Anyway, as I was saying, a theme song was missing from this epic moment, of MACHINERY and MAN battling nature. I was bummed.

So it's inevitable that a MAN needs some sort of musical implement that can play said song (and others like it) and so here we have ROQBLOQ's version of a MAN SPEAKER. It has Bluetooth, a rugged exterior AND it looks like it should be in Chernobyl somewhere testing for radiation:

Interestingly, it only goes down to 150Hz; we would have to assume this is designed especially this way to prevent avalanches. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Sometimes your worst enemy is not a man nor beast, but mother nature herself; don't tell her, but she can be a real bitch. Most of the time she is awesomely great, laying on weather to trek, ride or run, but sometimes, just sometimes, we wish she just went shopping and left us alone. 

When the time does come for her to have her monthly's, you need this:

This looks rugged, and although it is not made of leather, it is 100% cotton, so the next best thing if you can't get bear and buffalo leather. Not only does it look good enough to ACTUALLY WEAR, but the Sherpa lining will do well to keep you warm. It is universally known that Sherpas are the ULTIMATE MAN; I wish I was born a Sherpa. 

Get one here: Carhartt Men's Sandstone Hooded Sherpa-Lined Multi Pocket Jacket  

It also has pockets and pockets for your MAN STUFF and goes well with jeans.  

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Earth Trekking Covers, otherwise known as MAN BOOTS

A MAN is not a MAN unless he covers his feet in some sort of animal, MAN made material and of course, rubber. So it comes as no surprise that as a MAN, you would wear these boots:

These babies would not only do a brilliant job protecting your precious foot skin, but the added bonus of the steel capped goodness allows you to kick away freely at any inconsiderate and impolite youth who just refused to give up his seat on the bus to a helpless old lady. KAPOOOW! Imagine how high they would fly when you give them a whopping in these babies. 

Get one at: Thorogood Men's Composite Safety Toe Gen Flex 804-4445 6-Inch Work Boot

I can see these working nicely with a  pair of well worn jeans and a bear skin jacket.

Until next time MEN!!!! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Puncy iPad Cases = NO MORE

Somehow you've ended up with an iPad. We won't hold that against you. Well, we might. You should be out there, kayaking, climbing, hunting, telling battle stories down at the bar. But no, you're at home, sitting in front of the telly, watching some shit like "The Bachelor" and tapping away at the screen furiously searching for porn. Stop it!!!! Be A MAN! Get OUT THERE! Life is for REAL MEN, sitting on your arse is a waste of A MAN. So, as a sort of acceptable compromise, get rid of that floppy, flat, worthless piece of fabric protecting your tablet, and get into this:

This Otterbox defender would do the trick. You can take this bad boy virtually anywhere, probably even into space if you felt like it, because REAL MEN can do that if they want. It will protect it from the bullet from your idiotic friend during the hunting trip, a fall from a mountain while Stallone just grabbed your arm to save your life while your iPad flies through the air to an apparent death; BUT this little beauty would magically protect it from the inevitable. It will stay fully usable while you're diving on a research trip in the Caribbean looking for a cure for baldness.   

I'll let you in on a little secret; matching some of your accessories is actually MAN. This for instance would work nicely with ManBag01. Just don't go over the top, you hear me?

Otterbox is known to have the most rugged cases for whatever your poison, this will do nicely. 



Nothings says "MAN" like leather and here is something made from the stuff. A bag. A LEATHER bag. A REAL LEATHER bag. The aim of course is to have your skin match this bag's skin. MAN SKIN. 

Timmari Italian Leather Duffel Bag -Willow Collection

You know you like this. You know you want this. Buy it here: Timmari Italian Leather Duffel Bag -Willow Collection

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Imagine you need to go somewhere, like a construction site to do some jackhammering. Man work. Imagine you want to take some MAN FOOD with you, something like jerky or salami, or a Rambo style hunting knife. RAMBO!!! You need to store these things somewhere and MAN BAG 01 may be just a tad too large to lug around when you need to make your way up scaffolding holding a chainsaw in one arm. At times like this you need a backpack, or should I say, MANPACK. No, I'm not talking about a high school piece of flimsy plastic fabric, that isn't enough to survive an attack from a deranged ex-wife or hungry co-worker. No, you need this:

This armadillo looking piece of cool kit looks the business. A tough, black, rugged backpack such as this will withstand any rear attack. The shell like rubber membrane will give you ample time to absorb a small blow before turning around and unleashing a ton of whoop-arse on some measly mongrel.

MAN UP: School bags are for puny children. If you're a man, the next time you see a dude who has colour coordinated his backpack with his shirt, I give you permission to unleash whoop arse.

Shout a beer to http://dornob.com/ for finding more MAN STUFF.