Friday, August 15, 2014

Puncy iPad Cases = NO MORE

Somehow you've ended up with an iPad. We won't hold that against you. Well, we might. You should be out there, kayaking, climbing, hunting, telling battle stories down at the bar. But no, you're at home, sitting in front of the telly, watching some shit like "The Bachelor" and tapping away at the screen furiously searching for porn. Stop it!!!! Be A MAN! Get OUT THERE! Life is for REAL MEN, sitting on your arse is a waste of A MAN. So, as a sort of acceptable compromise, get rid of that floppy, flat, worthless piece of fabric protecting your tablet, and get into this:

This Otterbox defender would do the trick. You can take this bad boy virtually anywhere, probably even into space if you felt like it, because REAL MEN can do that if they want. It will protect it from the bullet from your idiotic friend during the hunting trip, a fall from a mountain while Stallone just grabbed your arm to save your life while your iPad flies through the air to an apparent death; BUT this little beauty would magically protect it from the inevitable. It will stay fully usable while you're diving on a research trip in the Caribbean looking for a cure for baldness.   

I'll let you in on a little secret; matching some of your accessories is actually MAN. This for instance would work nicely with ManBag01. Just don't go over the top, you hear me?

Otterbox is known to have the most rugged cases for whatever your poison, this will do nicely. 

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