Saturday, May 14, 2011


Are you sick and tired of walking into Target, Kmart or any other crappy bag shop and seeing the same old shitty, crappy luggages made by Sampsonshite? There is a MAN alternative:

Pelican Luggages might be made for storing other shit like cameras and scientific equipment, but here at Stuff for RealMen we say these are the only luggages worthy of protecting your Man stuff, whatever it may be. Imagine rocking up at a hotel with one of these babies; it's watertight, knock tight and we would also guess, bomb tight. If you're on a plane that has just blown up because of a terrorist attack (you wouldn't be on the plane no more), you can take comfort in knowing that your undies, ties and suit would survive any attack from any extremist organisation, ready to fight another day.

Enlighten the inquisitive nature of hotel concierges and taxi drivers; what does this MAN have in that heavy duty luggage box?

ONLY FOR REAL MEN! DON'T BE A WUSS. If I see you walking around with one of those shiny plastic lugagges, I'm going to kick you in the ball sack.

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